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Simple, Brief and Precise


Simple, Brief, and Precise:
How to Make Your Writing Easily Understood

(Expanded Edition)

16 chapters, 252 pages

Copyright © 2013, Darrel Walters

Published by Revisionary, Inc.
P.O. Box 1057
Ft. Washington, PA 19034

ISBN 978–0–9821457–5–3

Price: $23.00 (Spiral Bound)

This how-to, writing-improvement book is aimed at the needs of business professionals and college students for both a quick-reference writing guide and a source of thoughtful, wide-ranging advice about how to represent oneself well on paper. It is the basic text for Revisionary, Inc. writing seminars. In addition to the extremely useful appendixes of useful verbs and troublesome words, this expanded edition of the original 2011 publication contains an appendix of exercises and solutions coordinated with each segment of the book—essentially, an internal workbook.

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Book Contents in Brief

  1. Some Principles to Guide Your Writing...........


  2. Let Simple Words Dominate
  3. Highlight Actions and Actors
  4. Give Readers a Clear Path


  5. Make Words Earn Their Space
  6. Monitor Sentence Length


  7. Choose Words Precisely
  8. Place Words Precisely


  9. Learn Basic Grammar
10. Speak Well to Write Well
11. Accomodate Gender Elegantly

(in list form inside back cover)


12. Use the Common Punctuation Marks Well
13. Expand Your Punctuation World

The Writing Process

14. Prepare Yourself
15. Embrace the Act of Writing
16. Revise and Reflect


Appendix A:  A Collection of Useful Verbs
Appendix B:  A List of Troublesome Words
Appendix C:  Four Business Buzzwords Elaborated Upon
Appendix D.  A Workbook of Exercises (with solutions) Personal Dictionary


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