Darrel Walters, Ph.D.
A teacher of writing for 25 years, Darrel Walters earned a Ph.D. from The University of Michigan in 1983 and became an advisor to masters and doctoral students at Temple University in 1986.  When he transplanted his remarkably successful approach to the improvement of writing from university classrooms to the conference rooms of businesses, its effectiveness was verified immediately. Seminar participants at Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck Pharmaceuticals, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission—among others—acquired immediately useable skills and a long-term commitment to clear, concise writing.

Dr. Walters' earlier publications, The Readable Thesis (1999), Write Well Now (2008), and A Concise Guide to Assessing Skill and Knowledge (2010)—along with his years of experience teaching the art of non-fiction writing—have been foundational to his creating the current seminar book, Simple, Brief, and Precise: How to Make Your Writing Easily Understood (2011), and the Simple, Brief, and Precise WORKBOOK (2011).

At the root of all Dr. Walters' development of materials and curriculum is his extensive, long-term collection and analysis of writing samples from students and business professionals. Those samples have enabled him to base instruction not on theory, but on real-life impediments to clarity in written communication.

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